What is copywriting?

Copywriting or content writing service is when a language professional researches, plans, writes and edits words to convey a message to reach an audience. The content is usually intended for sales websites, emails, blogs…

A copywriter is a professional writer responsible for writing the text for the purpose of including key words that often appear in Internet searches that bring the audience closer to your business.

Un redactor de contenidos es especialista en escribir textos incluyendo palabras clave o keywords, es decir, aquellas palabras que tienen un gran volumen de búsquedas en internet, de manera que sea más fácil acercar al público tus servicios o contenido.

Redacción de contenidos

Recent trends: microcopywriting

In recent years, has emerged a new trend of copywriting known «microcopywriting» consisting of a language professional writing content concerned with all aspects of the user experience or UX writing. This service involves settling communication between users and a digital product as concise as possible: headlines, email subjects, subscription buttons, link texts leading to the purchase of a product…

Copywriting advantages

  • Develop a good image of your business through well-written content
  • Stop worrying about creating creative content for your page
  • Keep your website content clear and concise
  • Approach your clients using key words

Language pairs for this service: