Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading are often interrelated tasks considered as a single one. However, there are some differences between them. On the one hand, «proofreading» is the process when a language professional evaluates aspects such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, omitted words, repeated words, spacing and format and typographical errors comparing the source text with the target text. On the other hand, «editing» is focused on the target text correcting orthotypographical errors detected in the translation to ensure the ideas are presented to the reader as clearly as possible.

Both tasks are the final stage of the «human or manual translation» process and are always included in the budget

Revision y corrección

Nevertheless, the client may also require an additional proofreading service carried out by another language expert. This service is never applied to machine translations because in that case, we are talking about a «MT post-editing» service.

What is included in editing and proofreading services?

El control de calidad de las traducciones es fundamental, de ahí la importancia de llevar a cabo un exhaustivo proceso de revisión y corrección. A continuación, se especifican más detalladamente los aspectos a tener en cuenta en cada una de estas tareas:


The source text is compared with the target text in order to detect possible mismatches.

The objective is evaluating the translation as a final text.

This service aims to detect:

  • omissions and additions
  • lexical, orthotypographical and grammatical errors
  • figures
  • punctuation
  • quality of the understanding
  • style and format

This service aims to detect:

  • grammatical errors or mistakes
  • inconsistencies
  • lexical inaccuracies
  • stock phrases
  • prepositions
  • punctuation

Language pairs for this service:

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